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A Cook and his Work…

Published originally on: 24/06/2012 09:20

1A Cook and his Work…

This is my abode; this is where I stay,
This is where I feed people every day;
Cooking is my Job and feeding them my responsibility,
My age no bar and my health do not object my ability;
A routine of strenuous workflow starts every morn,
With sweet smell and sound of the breaking dawn;
Washing and peeling the vegetable,
And carefully making the fire stable;
As I cook the rice and prepare the plate,
Anxiety seeps in my mind, as I begin to wait;
A question arises; will they like what I cook for them today?
The answer lies hidden, in the Smile on their face every day;
With content in the heart, they finish up the food,
And their Pat on the back, cheers up my mood.
I clean the utensils and finish my share,
And prepare, for the next course of care;
This process repeats in noon and at night,
And with supper, we bid each other goodnight;
My day ends after preparing a good three course meal,
And makes me think again; is this work really a big deal?
The answer like always is a BIG NO,
For everything this is all what I Know-
Cooking is my Job and feeding them my responsibility,
And this Work I should continue with best of my ability.
This is the story of the old Man in the above Picture, I clicked from my balcony. He, from what my observations suggests is a cook, whose job is to cook food for all the workers constructing a massive building right in front of my flat. I get to see him every time I open the balcony door and notice doing the same set of activities described above. It was one day that I decided to capture this beautiful observation with my camera.So here is the Picture with a short poem I wrote to describe what my eyes saw and mind thought 🙂

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