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Chasing the sun – A walk from Mosman to Taronga Zoo

1st August, 2015 in Sydney


01.08.2015 @ 04:00 PM: No there is nothing special about this day. Its just any other day here in Sydney. Yes just a little warmer compared to the previous days we had this winter in Sydney. So why here? No reasons in particular. Woke up late this morning, made myself a cup of tea and sipped it my roof top garden while watering the plants.
It was 1:30 PM already, by the time I finished. I had nothing else to do for the day and thought it would be best to get out of the hustling and bustling cacophony of the city and escape to a quite secluded beach facing the sun. With this hope I changed into my outdoor clothes, left my house and started walking towards Circular Quay. I picked up my lunch in CQ and started looking for a ferry to go somewhere. Obviously I had no clue where I was heading for. The minimum wait, were for the ferries to Cockatoo Island, Taronga zoo and Mosman. I had been to all of these three places before, but still settled for Mosman, hoping that I would bush walk to some of the not so crowded beaches and soak up in the warm winter sun. By the time the ferry reached south Mosman, I realized that it was a wrong idea and the beaches I had in my mind, were closer from Taronga zoo and not from Mosman. I was deciding to get off in south Mosman, so that it would be nearer for me, to walk to the beaches. But as always, by the time I could make up my mind, the ferry had already left.
 Now I had no choice but to head for Mosman and find a way from there. After getting off confused in Mosman I started finding the fastest path to a beach. Looked up on my mobile, to confirm the path I chose, was actually correct. While I was walking alone on the path, my phone rang and it was my house owner. She called me to say that, she bought me a present and it was a special lime tree for my roof top garden. She knew that I was looking for a similar buy and hence bought it for me. The news was surely good enough to cheer me up for the mistake I made a couple of minutes back. With a smile on my face I started walking towards Taronga zoo, hoping to find a peaceful beach to rest. My map was showing a distance of around 2km, which was not bad at all.
 3 2
Soon I left the houses behind and entered the bush lands. The bush walk was amazing with great views of the harbour with interesting plants, trees and bushes on the way. After walking for almost 2km, I reached an unnamed beach near the Taronga zoo wharf. As expected it was quite, with just one family of four, enjoying on the beach. I placed my beach mat in a nice and peaceful spot to lie down comfortably and finished my remaining lunch. The clouds had covered the bright blue sky, by the time I reached the beach, leaving me in a confused state of mind, of whether I had chosen a right spot in the right beach. I was quite sure that I would get the Sun, because I had visited this part before and from memory was certain that it faced west.
11 4
Was waiting for the clouds to pass by and when it eventually did, I realized that once again, I had misjudged and was in wrongs spot of the partially right beach. Wrong spot because the sun was everywhere except the place I was resting, as it was shaded by tall trees. Partially right because the beach still had some sun but was not facing completely west, this time of the year. However I decided to make the most of it and move to a sunny spot, because it would just be a matter of time when the sun would disappear again. The lone family were leaving now after having their share of fun.
It felt great to lie down on a peaceful beach by yourself, hear the waves break and see the Sydney skyline from a distance. It felt great to look up and see the beautiful blue sky scattered with white patches of cloud. It felt great to hear the birds chirping and see the huge white cockatoos fly by.
5 6
It was now that I decided to take out my iPad and start scribbling about this day and my experiences. By the time I came to writing this sentence it is already 4:45pm and its starting to get cold already. Just checked that the next ferry from Taronga zoo is at 05:02 pm and its another 10 min walk from here to the wharf.
10 9
So, I guess its time for me to pack up as well and start heading towards the wharf before it gets too dark.
Thanks for reading my experiences of chasing the sun, on just another day in Sydney. This is Bish signing of for now at 04:47pm 🙂

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